RComp ARMbook Laptop
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RComp ARMbook Laptop

ARM quad core A64 Processor (RISC OS uses one core). 2GB RAM Screen - 1920x1080 IPS + ‘Big Mode’ for larger high detail mode. Up to 14 hours battery life. microSD port for 32GB to 256GB of storage for RISC OS use (Comes with a 32GB microSD card). High quality analogue stereo audio using built-in speakers or headphone/speaker jack 16GB internal eMMC used by Linux if required. 2x external USB-2 ports. Wired network adaptor (plug into USB port to autostart). Built-in touch pad with configurable buttons. Operating System: RISC OS 5.27 Options Case. Docking station / kit WiFi at a future time. Available from RComp for £399 - Further details on RComp web page. This page is being updated as and when I find out the facts.
ARMbook side ports