RComp ARMX6 Computer
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RComp ARMX6 Computer

i.MX6 ARM Cortex A9 Processor - Variable from 324MHz up to around 1008MHz depending on load. Remember this processor seems to be around 20-25% faster than other modern OMAP processors so you shouldn’t judge them by their quoted MHz. 2GB DDR3 RAM - 1066MHz dual channel HDMI - 1920x1080 and 1920x1200 @60Hz Graphics - up to 190,000 pixel rate. Higher resolutions possible. HDMI sound available. SATA-2 interface with options for extra ports - up to 300Mb/sec 120GB SATA Solid State Drive (SSD) - !Boot on this drive. Option for larger 250GB (formatted 233GB) SSDs. These main drives can be RISC OS or FAT32 formatted. 2x microSD Card slots (internal) - One 4GB microSD Card used for RISC OS ROM boot up. Both slots use SDFS which now works with multiple cards. DVD-RW drive Memory Card Reader - eg. SD card etc USB-2 ports - 2 on front panel - 4 at rear - 4 inside. Gigabit (1000baseT) Ethernet port - not shared with USB so much faster. Operating System: RISC OS 5.25 Options 250GB SATA Solid State Drive - RISC OS now compatible with drives up to 256GB. Case - Various options This page is being updated as and when I find out the facts.
Rear of one of the ARMX6 cases. Keyboard and Mouse dongle in one USB port
Front of one of the ARMX6 cases. Two USB ports under the lower flap.
This particular ARMX6 has 2x 250GB SSDs in and the quieter PSU option.