Risc PC CMOS Battery
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Risc PC, A7000 and A7000+ CMOS rechargeable battery replacement
NiCad AAA Rechargeable Battery - 300mAh
Battery holder with spacers and cables attached
Battery holder fixed inside Risc PC case
Due to the original type of CMOS battery no longer being manufactured and only a few retailers selling residual stock, I have tried the following battery replacement which works well for me and is cheap to install.
AAA battery and holder wired in to the Risc PC (left) and A7000+ (right) motherboard where the original battery has been removed.
Positive and negative CMOS battery power cables soldered into the (A7000+) motherboard
Parts required GP30AAAKC NiCad AAA Rechargeable Battery - 300mAh - 1.2 volt - Cost: £1.16 I am also told the following Ni-MH batteries would be fine: o BT05627 Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery - 700mAh - 1.2 volt - Cost: £2.51 - Web o BT06314 Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery - 650mAh - 1.2 volt - Cost: £1.46 - Web BX0034 Battery Holder - 1x AAA - Cost: £1.42 - Web Cable, sleeving and 2x Spacers with screws - Cost: £0.14
Charging I understand that the time needed to initially fully charge a drained 600mAh cell in a Risc PC would be 75+ hours.
This battery arrangement works fine for me but I cannot be held responsible for any problems you might have with it. Cost of the above was what it cost when I looked up the price!
Wiring Diagram Download wiring diagram as a Draw file.